How to Find Fantasy Football Players with Easy Schedules

A key element for a fantasy football player is his matchup...find the easy ones.

When we analyze which players to pursue during our Fantasy football draft, an important question we have to ask ourselves...

What does this players schedule look like?

Is it easy, hard...nothing to be concerned about...

Some of the best Fantasy Football years have been ruined due to grulingly tough schedules.

One of the key tools a sharp fantasy football player will use is a Strenght of Schedule report.

This report tells them which players have easy vs hard schedules. Many year long predictions can be made of this report, and help you Identify which players to target.

How to use the Strength of Schedule tool:

  1. Open the Strenght of Schedule Report 
  2. Select the filter of the position you're analyzing (QB, RB, WR, TE, DEF)
  3. Players are listed in decending order
  4. The lower the number - the easier the schedule


You are 4 rounds in to a yearly draft.  You feel its time to draft a Quarterback...

You might be in a toss-up situation between selecting Dree Brees and Andrew Luck. Both are elite quarterbacks, who can dominated fantasy football on any given Sunday.

Who do you pick?

By analyzing the strength of schedules of both players, you see the following:

Drew Brees strenght of schedule for 2017 = 12.06

Phillip Rivers strenght of schedule for 2017 = 17.76

At a glance, a sharp fantasy manager would see the edge goes to Brees. He has a 47% easier schedule than Rivers does.

In a toss up scenerio, the strenght of schedule report clearly gives Brees the advantage.

Cautions on using Strenght of Schedule in preseason:

In the preseason, all stats are from the prior year.  Due to this - be catious when using strength of schedule during preseason.


In 2016 - Cleveland was the worst fantasy football defense. But in the offseason, the maybe upgraded there defensive line.

If we only consider 2016 results when accessing, we might be putting too much weight into past data.

Another consideration:

ReportsDFS keeps reports up to date.

Every week the report updates with the last data on fantasy points allowed. This allow us to get a weekly view of the stronger/weaker fantasy matchups.

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